Core Features

  • Custom Website
  • Website Content Management System (CMS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Automated Inventory Marketing
  • Consignment Lead & Customer Management
  • Vehicle Sales Management

Speed Digital has the only dealer management software designed specifically for classic cars and works with over 200 of the top classic car dealerships in the country. 

There are plenty of dealer management software solutions available, but they were built for daily driver dealerships, offering features that don’t matter and missing ones that do. From small to large, our software and websites help classic car dealers of all sizes save time and money and sell more cars to buyers around the country (and the world).

Our software helps classic car dealers with:

  •  Custom websites

  •  Inventory Management

  •  Automated Inventory Marketing

  • Sales Lead & Customer Management

  • Consignment Lead & Customer Management

  • Vehicle Sales Management

  • And more

We pride ourselves in providing the best classic car dealer websites to help our clients buy and sell classic cars.

Why are our collector car websites the best?

Custom website designs: cookie-cutter template websites don’t cut it in the collector car industry, because they were made for daily driver dealerships. collector car dealers need websites that;
 - Create Powerful first impressions
 - Effective market their unique inventory for sale
 - Gives Buyers the confidence to buy cars sight-unseen

Details matter: what sells a daily driver doesn’t apply to collector cars. Standard specs don’t always make a collector car valuable. Dealers need to highlight exactly what makes each vehicle in their inventory unique and valuable, and that can be done with a template dealer site

High-res images and videos: a few low-res walk-around shots aren’t going to sell a collector car to a Buyer on the other side of the county. Buyers need high-quality images that honestly display every angle of the vehicle. The addition of walk-around and/or road test videos is extremely helpful in giving confidence to buy a collector car sight unseen


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